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Hour Rule: Needs More Insanity

I usually don’t venture out and buy something that doesn’t fit a theme in my collection but after seeing a few bososuku/shakotan cars at the HW Legends Tour a few weeks back, I realized I totally need something like that in my collection.

After picking up this Aoshima Grachan Best2 Nissan Cedric 330, it didn’t take long for me to unscrew it and swap out those original wheels which lacked depth and throw on those GL Tokyo Torque wheels that I never thought I’d find a use for.


I already took it apart and went in there to gave it some steering wheel detail. Might need to give it a funk blue interior too someday.

The exhaust pipes are nicer than most 1/64s but it doesn’t quite cut it for how crazy I’d like them. Once I find a material of the right thickness that’s straight but malleable enough, plus a way to install them with compromising the integrity of the original pipes, I’ll probably work out an extension someday.


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