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It could be in any one of the containers. Or not. Photo from Pond5.

In my on-again-off-again quest to add to my collection, I’ve gone about in assessing the value of my toy cars to see if they’re worth enough for a discerning LaLDer’s liking.

And then I threw that post to the drafts on 10 May 2017. . Thing is, only you guys can truly tell whether or not my one big car is worth one or two little cars.


Here they all are, the cars I’ll put up for trade.

Set A is the biggest shipment. The following are MSZ models sold by Petron a few years ago, barring the Ferrari which came from Shell (I have more, but they’re either too dusty, broken or sentimentally valuable). They’re priced initially at Php500, but because the white Aventador has a missing base and the loose Porsche 997 GT3RS has a broken battery door, this leaves the other three pristine models (whose boxes have attrition on them) a little devalued when taken together. Either way, this set shall be priced for a total of Php2,200, though I can part out this set so that the fully-sealed ones go for Php1,200 while the rest (plus a loose Kinsmart 1:36 Porsche Carrera GT, not shown) are Php800. Note: you cannot buy models individually.


Set B is a smaller shipment, though I have to be careful here because this could potentially be the second time the TRU-exclusive BRE 370Z Nismo gets flipped (I bought it from a 2-car set that included the older-chassis Calsonic Super GT GT-R). The cars on the bottom are sealed with the plastic foil protector still intact; the other two have been DLM’ed. I’ll go about this in two ways: You can buy all that from me as a set only for Php1,200. Or I can barter it in a trade for any Tomica you have: either (a) two Tomica Basic from 2018/2019, (b) one Tomica Premium or (c) three Tomica from any other year, one of which must be the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X. We can negotiate this later. Use this listing as guide.


Set C is little more than to sweeten the pot a bit for interested LaLDers. For the most part that set shall be sold on Facebook for Php700, but you can trade me your soul at most three cars of your choice, or from either Schedule III or Schedule IV in the listing, instead. Or you can go 1 for 1, but only if you dare and really REALLY want to get rid of a few duplicates.


Also included in this package are some cars I want restored/refurbished.


I’ve been meaning to see all these cars turned back to their former glory and then some, but haven’t had the gumption to follow through, mostly because I might be unable to afford paying the people to do it. So here’s my proposal: all purchase costs for all sets will be waived if you can fully-restore/resto-mod the seven cars I have there. Basically, I’m paying you in diecast instead of cash. I don’t exactly want a revolving fund, but I still feel like all my for-sale models are just barely enough compensation for the effort. It is still your call, though.


Final note: I’ll sell those same sets on Facebook—that’s the actual goal, the reason why I put this up is so buyers there have a guide, so I reckon if I end up finding buyers or traders I might just be able to pay for customs down the line.

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