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Wheelswap Wednesday

101 things to do, but surely they can hold back for a simple wheelswap, right?

For those who have this in package, check out how MBX spelled the name!

MBX messed up the wheels as well the name of the car in packaging, with the BoM Giulia. I could not correct the latter, but gave a shot at first.

Not many people are fans of Maisto’s budget range but the BOSS 302 is a stellar casting

Quite a few experiments on this; made the first custom axles (after desperate efforts to extract the wheel - axle setup failed dishearteningly, and resorted to the easier way), and checked out how the lace looks with blackened recesses. Still the custom axle setup is not perfect; wheel locking mechanism is quite ad-hoc and could go bust at any moment.

Any tips and tricks on extracting the wheels with axles intact from metal bases will be quite welcome! :-)

Thanks for stopping by! Have an awesome week ahead!

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