Sir Noodles sent me these wheel things in the mail to help me out with some customs. So I put them to good use.

I plopped some quake putty onto the surface of the original wheels and just stuck them on. Looks like it would work great under water. I haven’t gotten the chance to play with them in any other way yet.

Adding this photo since #ranwhenparked is starting to become a thing on here

Anyways, I plan on painting this in Gunmetal Grey over the weekend. Here are a few previews of what it looks like with a few pairs of shoes I have lying around.



Check out those 10 cent brake rotors!

That $20 accidental auction win wasn’t such a bad mistake after all. But as much as these JDM wheels look good on JDM, I have my eyes set on these.

Image: Tiny


It’s going to take more than a month before I finally get them in my hands but at least they’ll cost me under $2.