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When die cast goes bad

The death sentence for all die cast is zamac rot (when the metals in the zamac have a chemical reaction and separate causing parts to crumble) This Ertl 1:18th scale Mustang is a prime example

The drivers side door had fallen off and while trying to fix it the thing broke like thin wood. The hood hook also gave way and broke.


In this pile is what’s left of both doors and you can see the splitting in the rear view side mirror as the metals are letting go.


As an experiment and base for a salvage yard custom I cut the rear off and it was like butter had no real struggles the metal was turning to dust. I can feel and see little bubbles in the paint just like real world rust damage that’s under the paint. This car was free from a friend cause they knew I could use it for something. The rear I’m seeing how bad the damage is and have already shattered the rear light panel to bits (not much force was used). This was an issue back in the mid 70's with hot wheels and still an issue in models from late 90's early 2000's.

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