The homies come through.

For some odd reason every major store in my area stopped carrying Hot Wheels Car Culture right after the Modern Classics set. Apparently in anticipation of the changes to the Car Culture format (larger card, more detailed tampos, higher price) they decided to just skip the last “old” release altogether. (Interestingly, Targets in my area have had empty pegs labelled “Car Culture” for the last two weeks now, with no stocking in sight.)

Sadly for me the Cars and Donuts set looked really good, with four out of the five being square on my wants list. But thankfully, while I am living in a Cars and Donuts dessert The Bell King lives in a more fertile area of the country and was able to supply me with the needed sustenance.

Along with the Donuts, he also found me an addition to my ever growing International Scout collection, which has now grown to 8, the amazing Johnny Lightning Toyota FJ40, which will get its own spotlight soon, and a fun surprise friend, the Baja Z that he reviewed last week!

Thanks so much for sourcing these for me, TBK!!