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When Off Brands Release Off Brands

I’ve developed a few “professional” relationships with some of the flea vendors I see often. One of them gave me a deal on some off brand cars. They’re marked as Motor Force, with no other brand on the box:

I did a little digging on the bay and found some Motor Force packaging with the Summer brand logo on the back, so, as far as I’m concerned, these are Summer.


So, 36 cars per box, $10 per box, = just under 28 cents/car, I bought two:

Turns out there are 4 sets of 9 cars in each box:


Several are of the age where base creep up the sides has begun, but I’m not complaining. I have enough “older” releases, with less base creep, that can benefit from some brand new parts.
At least one of the orange GT40s will be on the way to Kimba as soon as I get to the PO again.

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