When you order something online from overseas, the worst case scenario you would hope is either just an extended delay on the delivery or the box has some minor damage.

But none of that happened to me so which is good right? Well not really. After what seems like a long wait which is actually just over a week since I used the least expensive shipping, I finally got the USPS yellow slip to announced the arrival of a package.

I went to the post office on Monday after work to pick it up and after a lengthy wait which is probably due to the number of customers waiting and that it is a Monday, the Postal employee came back and told me that my package cannot be located. So how could a package which arrived at the post office suddenly vanished? In consolation, 2 other guys were also in the same boat as well. We were told to leave our phone numbers and will call us once the package is located.

When I arrived home I received another notice from the USPS and I knew it was the 2nd installment of my order. I went there the next day and handed the postal employee the 2 notices hoping that they have located the other package. He came back empty handed and I knew my other package has vanished as well. Two packages that are missing is not a funny matter specially when you paid good money for them. It’s becoming almost a nightmare. Postal employee took my number again and told me someone will call when found. I was also given their phone number in case I want to follow up.

Today I waited for the call and nothing. I called the number that was given and after a lengthy automated voice info I was put on hold while trying to reach someone. After several rings the phone disconnected. I tried again and it did the same thing. I was then wondering if the packages are delivered in another post office or worst case got returned to the seller.


I drove over there today and handed the same postal worker the notices. By now he probably remember me as the man with the missing packages. After a few intense hours err... I mean minutes he finally came back and at last found the 2 packages. At first he was not sure why the packages were missing and after signing for them, he noticed that a number was written beside the box which he then explained that it’ supposed to contain the number of my residence but instead it was the carrier’s number which the other worker probably mistaken it for the address number and file it incorrectly.

After I came home I found another package but since it was small and was from a local seller it was left in my mailbox. So now I have all 3 packages and still waiting....for the next one.


Thanks for reading.