It has been a long struggle as I’ve almost gave up looking for the JH2 in our area due to them not even showing up in any of our Walmarts even after several trip. I prayed that these would showed up when Walmart does a reset according to one employee. But then it was not to be.

But then people here have been posting about finding them at Target and so with another prayer I’ve decided to check one Target that is further away than I usually go to. It was also empty but there was a sign of hope as they finally did put up the $5.49 price tag (a Target employee who scan the bar code supplied by Lamley a week ago told me that they are not getting them) and it indicated Car Culture. I then went to an employee who was helpful in trying to find if any in stock using the same bar code and he was able to check other Targets and found one near where I lived that they have them in stock. He called and I requested him to check if any of the Datsun 510 is available and when there was he told the other employee to place it on hold for me. I was already wondering if by the time I got there it would be again an empty peg except for the Datsun that was set aside and was really surprise to find them still plentiful... and no other people looking at them. Truly a miracle from above.