I know the revived Auto World brand was a relatively small one (smaller than even Greenlight, I believe), but has it fallen victim to Round 2's resurrection of the Johnny Lightning brand?

Almost two years ago I unexpectedly got back into diecast collecting after buying a Hot Wheels ‘55 Corvette for my desk at my new job. I now have 37 Vettes from various brands taking up space in my “toy box” and lots more at home.

Among those are the two Auto World casts in the picture above. The premium 2011 Callaway Corvette is as good as any Greenlight release and the 1967 is very nicely done for a non-premium car.

Unfortunately about the time Johnny Lightning started coming back, I started seeing less and less Auto World on the pegs. As a Corvette collector, neither brand’s reliance on classic American iron has really appealed to me beyond the above casts, but it’s really a shame that Auto World seems to have been pushed aside. You can see the potential for the brand just in my two casts.

The good thing for collectors is that Johnny Lightning and Racing Champions (if you ever come across them because I haven’t) seem to be getting the same tender loving care.


Maybe I’m just being selfish and want to see more Corvettes — and neither JL or RC have done any while AW did.