It has already been decided...

And the loser winner is

The Air Rover 90. I know wings should go on a sports car, but that why I got the F-15 too.

And now for something completely different. I got to work on the J Car today. Here’s the before pic.


Here’s the after. I will be stripping it again & trying to get the transparent blue a lot thinner.

Those generic wheels on the Silhouette look like crap!


It appears to be darker from the door to the bonnet. The metal on the front and rear has a nice shine, but right around the door it’s definitely darker.

Other than the doors. I feel like I got rid of most of the rustiness. Frankly, I want to strip the Silhouette now that I know how to get rid of the rusty spots.


These first 16 cars are seriously tiny. They look small next to every other HW on my table. (The silver Bedlam will be getting a Lald livery)


I seem to have won a few more of the 16 on ebay, so eventually I’ll have them all. Some seem to be harder to get than others. I can’t find a cheap VW at the moment. Having to buy replacement wheels and sometimes windows, this quest of the sweet 16 might end up costing around $500 by the time I’m done (don’t tell my wife).

On a side note, K3PO is loving his new wheels.


Thanks for checkin out my stuff.