Growing up, Lego Throwbots were the best. Way better than Bionicles. Throwbots were the granddaddy of Bionicles. These pics were taken back in 2007, so they are really old. But if you were a Throwbot fan, you might recognize a theme here.

Ok, some history, there were 4 series of Throwbots. Series 1 & 2 had four kits, Series 3 had three, Series 4 had one. Ignoring series 4, the other series could be combined to create a super Throwbot (series 4 had only one kit, which was big enough to be considered a super Throwbot itself). My creation combined parts of all four super Throwbots, :).

Left leg is made with pieces from series 1; right is made with pieces from series 2; the chest, arms , and neck are made from series 3; and the head and grey-ish neck piece is from series 4.

If the body looks familiar, it should. It’s heavily based off of the series 4 Super Throwbot, who was the named Fusion. But I added my own twists; such as the long neck and the ‘high heels’ inspired from Turn X from Turn A Gundam.


I still love his ‘spine’ sticks out of his neck. They were needed so you can easily move his neck into different angles, but he looks absolutely barbaric this way. I love it!


The biggest creative direction I took was his left hand; I made it a claw to grab onto his enemies, :).

I gave him a second pair or arms around his waist, to act as permanent shields during fights. Who is he fighting you ask?


Bionicles of course! *evil laughter*

Fun fact, I still have every Throwbot set, and I have every one ever created. It took me a long while to find them all, but it was worth it. They are more versatile then Bionicles, which is a huge plus.


Thanks for looking!