Top ten pics shared to the LaLD Instagram this week!

10. Group44’s amazing recreation of the Porsche 935 air dam.

9. Enginerrrrrrr’s Honda S2000 from his glorious post of every car from the Cool Classics series

8. Back to back Enginerrrrrrr pics! Speaking of back, here’s the amazing TSM F1 GT-R


7. Zigguratstardust’s Spark Porsche 919


6. TFritch’s BMW 2002 posted last 2002sday

5. The Bell King’s Demon Snake Dragster


4. Wanclick’s classic Ford F100 from Hot Wheels

3. TFritch’s​ Fiat 131


2. Canadian Moose’s Hungarian Bus locks up the #2 spot

And your number one post this week...

DiecastPhotography’s incredible forgotten Nova with close to 800 likes.