Here’s this week’s top ten most liked posts from our Instagram:

10. Inliner’s R8 trio from Matchbox

9. Howard’s Porsche 934.5 duo

8. Philiphilip’s Spark 907. I went with a slide show on this one because there were soooooo many good shots!


7. You already know that I posted as many of 64wheels’s pics from his glorious Skyline post. Here’s the first set of three in this week’s to ten


6. R32 can’t leave any stock shoes alone. Here’s an M2 VW on Fuchs!

5. Superstarksa’s Bburago Alpine. Yellow lenses plus a yellow backdrop = lots of likes


4. Kimba’s triple threat Tomica Premium JDM rally legends


3. Told you there were more Skyline pics from 64wheels

2. Yep, even more!


1. Aaaaaaand this week’s #1 most liked pic: bttfdmc1984's Porsche outlaw!

Tune in next week to find out if your pics made the top ten list.

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