Lots of good variety this week, especially with a few customs mixed in!

Honorable mention:

I posted Darvz’s Civic yesterday and it’s already got enough likes for 11th place so mad props my man

10. Ktech’s wheelswaped Mini with the perfect added details


9. MatchtheBox knows that wagons automatically get into the top ten.

8. Jobjoris’s Deux Chevaux Charleston


7. Philip’s shot of his Spark 907 that I swiped from the Podcast post yesterday 😁 Make sure you give it a listen if you haven’t already, its a great episode.

6. Ktech’s Norev Aston is slicing through the field


5. Jobjoris has a 907 too, don’t forget! His is a 1/64 Kyosho.

4. Ktech’s Rusty Datsun could challenge the top spot. I posted these yesterday and it’s already up to 4th at time of writing!


3. Frosted’s GMP Overkill Chevelle has ginfdgkk jko yff$+


Sorry, I’m going to need a minute...


2. Need for Speed anyone?

1. Annnnnnnd numero uno this week goes tooo:

Darvz’s custom Tomica Toyota Hiace!


Good job this week and look forward to next week’s top ten!

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