Welcomeback to this week’s installment of Who Killed it on Instagram. Here are your top ten most liked pics from this past week:

Tie 10: Howard’s sacrilegious opening of this year’s convention car (posted just yesterday, so it’s only going to go up in the ranks!)

Tie 10: 64Wheels M2 Goodyear Bluebird, also just posted yesterday


9. Noodles’ pair of Pagani customs

8. Jobjoris’s killer GT2 RS


7. 90sCasualty returns with this striking Cobra Jet Mustang

6. Small-scale Sydney’s Transit


5. Pocketcarz drilled out a coveted RLC Datsun and created a masterpiece

4. Small-scale Sydney strikes again with the baby-Lincoln looking Mitsubishi Debonaire


3. Newcomer Jerry Harding dazzles us with a pair of Mazda 787b AutoArt’s


2. Howard’s Devil Z look incredible on a white backdrop

Aaaaaaand this week’s #1 pic was....

Philiphilip’s sunset yellow 356 Outlaw!