Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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After posting yesterday about the blue Shasta I’m super psyched about, I put my excitement on FB as well. Naturally MrsZtp commented something that has since burned into my corneas and brain, “Why don’t you make a campground diorama?”


So I’m gung-ho for this idea and I’m looking for different campers to obtain. I know GL has a truck bed camper, two motor homes (with a third coming soon), and the Shasta and AirStream plus VW castings; JL has a motor home (a Monaco but is pricey now); and pictured above is a Road Champs Winnebago ( which desperately needs a wheel swap). Did I miss anyone? I think HWs does, but I don’t know all the HWs castings to know for sure.

What I really would like is large rv campers ( not a motor home) but those are hard to find. So, LaLD, give me pics and sources please! Thanks!

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