Not this guy! Disappointed that I did not know about K-day, I still decided to check the local K-Mart. And I am so glad I did. I found virtually everything (minus the Batmobile and Datsun Wagon). I guess K-Day wasn't big at that store; good to know for next time! I also found some odd stuff way in the back and I have a ton for trade!!!

As soon as I walked in the store, they had a round spinny Hot Wheels holder up by the registers. Right up front was the 2015 Mustang! I was so happy and kept looking. They had like everything (even the green Silverado but I didn't care about it all too much) which I thought would be all gone!

Then, with my hands full, I went to the toy aisle and found these hiding in the back of the pegs. TWO Faster Than Ever 2012 cars: A Furai and the GTX1! They are too cool not to have! This 2011 Mini Challenge was there too... the redline tires intrigued me. It looks much nicer than it is. Last was a 2012 Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca which I needed to further my Mustang collection (see, its good to justify your purchases!)


So all in all a great day!


I've got a whole box full of trade-able goodies here! Let me know if anything catches your eye! Yes, those are two of those Hot Wheels Transit Vans BTW!


I am on a huge ZAMAC kick now! I have never found one by me, so I really would like to have some!


I also still need The Snoopy and the Jetsons Capsule Car

I'm open to virtually anything though so please offer away!