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Who Wants To See Some Micro Machines?

I’ve spent much of the last week going through the attic of the old farm house that I grew up in. While doing so I came across a few old toolboxes of die casts from my youth. Most of them from between 1990-2005. Tonight (this morning now I guess?) I’ll show y’all the small treasure of Micro Machines that I stumbled across.

Apologies for the poor pictures, I know the surface is annoyingly reflective but it’s all I had at the moment.

These are branded as Micro Machines Radicators
Couple of Racing Champions
I know growing up I had at least 5 or 6 of these. They’re made by Road Champs.
Three off-brand Micro Machines. I know the yellow & silver #1 came from a candy machine because I remember getting it in the mid 90s.

Also, does anyone remember the scented Micro Machine tractor trailers? I know I had a few (a root beer one, garbage one).

Anyways, I also found a bunch of old 1:64 die casts but, that’s for a different post.

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