Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Why do i love cars and diecast cars

They are my getaway from my worries.

They make me smile, proud, happy.

Cars and diecast cars make me have a big ol smile.

There are cars that a not possible for me to own one day because laws and prices. But i know that there is.some i will one day own. Have smile.on my face and say "i made it, i did ny goals, i completed my dreams. I OWN MY LOVES"

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Heres one of my favorite photos ive taken.

And i have a Dub Edition Escalade....but its kinda destroyed....well not.fully but.missing wheels.


But still its my love that keeps me.going.

Makes me.wanna build a car that people can use.

Have all the safety features in all cars. Build it for.people who want to go places but are handicapped in.some way....or are drunk.


Get in the car, give your directions, get there safely.

Yeah! Goodnight!


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