Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Why I am the way I am.

Just wanted to introduce myself and give a quick rundown of the reason I collect and what I like to collect. I am born and raised in Central Oklahoma, never lived anywhere else and wouldn't want to. Growing up my family ran a dairy farm and don't feel sorry for me but we didn't have a lot of money. I mean it was special to get to go to K-Mart and pick a hot wheel off the pegs. Now that being said we had all sorts of cool tractors, grain trucks, four wheelers, and other equipment we could crawl over and play with. Not to mention several good farm ponds within walking distance of the house, just watch out for the heifers that can be mean. Now I have always loved vehicles and the engineering that makes them go, I once bought an RX7 for 250 bucks just to figure out how the motor worked. I now work for a commercial printing company in shipping and receiving. I started out driving a forklift because us country boys can handle heavy equipment. I now have a desk job and it has a couple of diecasts displayed on it 2 of them being Chevy Citations, there is a story there just ask. My house if full of diecasts both displayed and stored I like to keep some in the original packaging but I like to open some as well. In fact I like to have a 1:64 car in my right uniform shirt pocket at work every day. I even have a special Greenlight Pacer that is only pulled out on the days that are looking really tough. Generally on those days I call Power of the Pacer over the radio first thing in the morning and the the crew goes bonkers and we knock it out. I collect all scales and all brands but really prefer the cars that are real not fantasy stuff. I also like first editions I think this comes from my sports card collecting days you know the whole rookie card thing.

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