I’ve been meaning to post this one for a short while now... With work and life, it’s a bit hard to find some time out, as i’m sure some of you will understand. Nonetheless, I present my latest acquisition.

The TLV NEO GT-R unmarked police version. This specific car has been on my want list ever since it came out last summer. With the ever rising price on special editions like these, it’s better to jump on them as soon as you can.

I’ve always had a soft spot for GTRs and the R35 is no exception. Although it does have a somewhat contradicting viewpoint as to how the car looks, I for one love it.



I have a few more TLVs on the way so I’m definitely showcasing those as well!

Here’s what up next:


No LFA can outrun a GTR police car ;)

(just kidding.. an LFA probably could... anyways.. Thanks!)