Now on #WickedCustomWednesday, Let’s get into my customs and maybe a cool paintjob. #Spectre S13, Datsun, Mustang. + Easter Egg Hunt! (Find the white car)

Spectre Red Datsun 240z. Created at December 22 2015. And went on a road trip around Jan 2-4 then took a picture. Yes. I know. Its a beautiful picture.

Egg hunt: (EASY)

Must find the car where it is placed. And name it. Exact model.

Hunt: (white)


Some Wip’s that are Spectre aswell. Its addicting and nice come out! Well a S13 With a paintjob of Spectre Green and a 2+2 Mustang With the finish of Spectre Blue. Drys out very fast!


Okay! Thats for today! Did you spot a white car? It’s gonna be maybe a spectre aswell. I might post a tutorial about it. Anyways. Yeah Keep diecasting on! #WickedCustomWednesday @darvz_customs