Yep. I married a keeper alright! <3 My wife went for a walk yesterday and the nearby junk shop guy (We call him “the Guy” haha) had this box full of diecast cars out with his usual this and that.

Exhibiting a keen eye, she snagged the box because she remembered me saying that I love Majorettes. This box is riddled with them! So much goodness and custom fodder.

I do need the LaLD collective help though... The first car to catch my eye in this lot is an old Ford Torino pictured below. I cant figure out who makes this. The construction and quality seems very much like Impy. But there’s no markings on the bottom for a brand and it’s made in Hong Kong. Cant find them on eBay or on Google image search. I am stumped. I’m sad it’s missing the hood. Edit: Turns out it’s made by Jet Wheels (or Speedy Wheels) pretty rad.

More to come on this huge lot. :)