These two cars are two of my favorite designs. Sure, they are a suped up Bug and Jag, but they are great designs from their manufacturers.

Ive always been an Aston Martin fan as far back as I can remember. There isnt a car they have made that I havent been a fan of, including the Lagonda. In the 80's, that was the wildest sedan around. I got to drive a Lotus Esprit because I knew what a Lagonda was.

The Audi R8 is the man’s version of the TT. Okay, not really. Its a German Lambo. While white isnt my favorite color for the R8, its what was available.

These are smaller than my normal diecast. Detail is really pretty good for the scale. Paint on the Aston is better.


But these are no ordinary diecast...

They have a secret.


The headlights also work on these, when the drive is being accessed. I always get comments at work when I have to pull these out.