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Windfall Weekend: Tomica #76 Civic Type R (Black Edition)

Another hectic week of work travel. I was about to exit immigration at the Airport, but I thought, why not check out the toy store before heading home?

The U-turn paid off. I found an entire row (entire row!) of this baby, in the limited release colour no less, sitting innocuously in one corner of the store. No hassle, no haggling, no having to deal with ruthless online sellers (I’ve seen sellers demanding 5x the price for this car on local e-Commerce platforms), entire row of black Civics sitting there quietly, waiting for unsuspecting travelers to pick them up en route to catching a flight.

I’m glad I can still be surprised in Singapore.


In other news, I also made a trip to my favorite hobby store in Singapore and also picked up an Oversteer Mazda Axela / 3, Tomica Premium S2000 Type S and Mitsubishi GTO. Pics of the amazing Axela will come later.

Now, off to admire this black beauty some more...

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