In the end we had 26 votes. After assigning point values to votes for 1st (3 pts), 2nd (2 pts), and 3rd (1 pt), we have three winners!

Diecast Photography - Picture E - 37 points

Vdubyajohn - Picture A - 27 points

AlienProbe - Picture B - 17 points

Hopefully all of you indicated your preferred prize when you emailed PlasticPrints. Congrats to the winners!


Thanks to all who entered some great shots. I hope you had fun taking the toys -ahem- adult collectibles outdoors for some unique photos. As a refresher, here are the prizes:


Now for the entries. To vote, please comment with your top 3 image IDs. I’ll leave voting open until noon Pacific time Thursday. **Anyone on LaLD can (and should) vote**

Picture A


Picture B

Picture C


Picture D

Picture E


Picture F

Picture G


Picture H

Picture I


Picture J

Thanks again for making this a fun competition. Good luck!