Big things with little cars


I’ll admit, I’m not the biggest fan of big ol’ trucks on the road. When driving, the massive trucks are gargantuan behemoths, vehicles to be avoided.

Change lanes.

Let the monstrosities motor on, at their own sub-55 speed.

But, diecast? Recently, whilst perusing a local vintage shop, I discovered a 1/64 die-cast truck and trailer espousing a particular brand of mid-century furniture. After inquiring about the price, I was summarily told, “that’s mine. That’s not for sale.”


Of course, I wanted it. And so I did my research.

The Winross company has been making 1/64 trucks for decades. Most of them are commemorative - 50 years of whatever - or

a celebration of various popular brand names.


Primarily, these vehicles were produced as mere advertising artifacts.

And imagine the results! Mom or dad or grandparent brings home a toy truck, earned after 20, 30, 40 years of loyal service to a company, or perhaps a promotional diecast from some random event.


The child plays with this toy and, years later, when searching for a moving truck, or a source of linoleum flooring, or a chocolate bar reminisces, “I had a little toy truck with that name on its side, and man oh man, did I love it!”

Such is the nature of advertising. This is how the consumer is born.

Winross has slapped the names of companies on the sides of miniature trucks for decades now. Promotional mini- trucks from brands as commonplace as Wal*Mart and Pepsi and Coca-Cola.


But, these Winross trucks! Go forth, and eBay these trucks! Ranging from brands we know, like Pepsi-Cola and Playtex, to the obscure small businesses who sold their business cards in exchange for some mysterious advertising output.

And, that said, who desires Winross? Well, you, and me...

Check out their website here:

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