Big things with little cars

Such a pain to detail, but it was all worth it. Black paint was applied on the bumper, window trim, mirrors and vents. The base was also painted black. My orange paint was horrible, hence the turn signals turned out badly. Will fix that soon, too.

What made this such a pain was the body color itself. My detailing method is not the cleanest, so paint splatters usually come on the body. A q-tip dipped in alcohol usually solves the problem. Here, the splatters tend to smudge, and constant corrections using this method resulted in the burning of the clear coat in some places.


At the back, the taillights were added. As I suspected, they were indeed part of the windows. First, I used a box cutter to separate the orange, white and red parts of the lights. Then, the segments were painted accordingly. The tailpipes were also hollowed out.

The plastic mesh wheels were ditched in favor of the Real-Riders euro-style mesh wheels. This car’s rear axles are wider than the front, and one of the real-riders were adjusted accordingly. Also, the spokes were originally chrome. They were repainted gold, and the crevasses were painted black.


Future work will involve finalizing the black trim and bumper bits, the front turn signals, and painting the rear bumper white.

Hope you all had a blessed Holy Week!

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