Made a little progress on the GTI.

The roof looks OK from some angles...

But not from others. It’ll probably get a boat on top so I don’t have to get it perfect. Just close. Well closer than this next pic. It’s a bit wavy.

In other news. I finally got a Tomica. It’s a beat up Fiat X1/9.


The broken B pillars have already been fixed. 

These axles are the thinnest little wires I’ve ever seen used in a toy.


I imagine not too many of these survived with perfect axles.

It appears to be missing the front bumper.


I found a picture online of what the bumper looks like. It’s huge! I’ll try to make my bumper a little smaller than Tomica did.

The trunk/bonnet had a small X19 in the casting. Nice touch. 


I’ll try to post the finished Datsun 6x6 soon. The sun isn’t cooperating.

Thanks for checkin out my stuff