The interior on this Vette will probably be swapped for something else. I made it a bit too long, so the rear seat still has a bit of the dash (& a stick lol). I’d like to get six seats in there.

I flipped this over and glued the interior together. Taking advantage of the fact that the base was missing right where I was gluing

They’re not really lined up right but I plan on trying to fit a Tesla interior so no need to get it perfect.


Before stripping I decided to test a new color. Lagoon. It’s a satin paint but add clear coat and it looks pretty good.

I need to get the base in one piece and then decide whether to stretch the roll bar or find a windshield.


I started a Bosozoku car.

This ones gonna be pretty funny.


And a little teaser for what’s coming next.

I really did make the Vette too long. That’s why I’m having such a hard time hiding the seam. and that’s why the rear seat has a dashboard. lol


That’s all I have today.