With SimplifyThenAddLightness’ Woking Wednesday-post last week and a trigger Monday it’s time to get another theme day. So today is, again, Woking Wednesday. And if I’m not mistaken a few others will follow! So join in if you can, want, whatever.

This is a 1996 McLaren F1 GTR. This was the fastest of GTR’s (there were 3 “editions”) with a top speed on the Mulsanne straight of 330km/h. A road legal F1 might have been quicker though as the GTR had a restricted engine by FIA regulations. It had less weight to carry though.

Central seating position of course was retained. No other seats were mounted though as this one was meant to go on track in the BPR Global GT Series (which would become FIA’s GT Championship). Only 9 were built in ‘96-spec although two ‘95-specs would be modified to become ‘96 as well (#03R and #06R).


And the only two championships of the BPR Global GT Series (1995 and 1996) were won by... The McLaren F1 GTR. This black GTR is a limited run of one thousand pieces by IXO in 1/43 and it was a HEKORSA Edition. Hekorsa is a German model car shop and once in a while they have these specials. And the McLaren seems to be one of their favorites as there is a series of 4 normal F1s made by Minichamps as well, all in weird color combos.


The yellow one however is a normal Minichamps 1/43. And it’s one of a big limited series of 8,544 pieces, usually that number is way smaller for MC’s in my collection. Just a short post for today though so... Cheerio!!!