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Woohoo! The Sister Hawl 1

So the sister is in India for a 2nd vacation in a year. Lucky her that there was a wedding in the family that she (and the brother in law) dare not miss. And luckier me that she could bring me some of my most awaited purchases. This is the first of a handful of posts.

The first is the Race Day set. Before I got it in my hands, I was thinking I will keep a couple of cars from this set & then see if I can trade away the others. But now I see that every one of these needs to stay. Aaah well!


The other set that landed is the Modern Classics set. I got this one purely for the 190E & the 964, but the M3 will stay too. The last two, I still have to decide.

But all those that I am keeping are going to get the DLM treatment. Approval has been recieved for procuring some custom display shelving early in 2018.

This shelving can’t come too soon because that DLM party is going to be huge with 2 sets still waiting for me in the US.



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