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Working Wednesday: 1952 Chevy COE Flatbed

Awhile back I featured the same color Chevy COE Pickup. What can I say, I can’t pass up a good truck, I really do love what Jada does with some of their Just Truck series.

This is pretty much exactly the same truck as the Pickup, just has a sliding flatbed. I do love the pin stripping on this model, definitely a nice detail. I don’t love the fact that, like the other Jada COE flatbeds, the flatbed does not tilt down. I do love getting an extra set of wheels and little screw driver everytime I buy one of these as well, ammunition for future builds is always welcomed. Didn’t have any similar scale Chevy’s to put on the back of it so I put one of my favorite Jada’s back there. Enjoy!


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