One of the recent releases of from GL’s H&T series.

The Chevy Silverado is the usual full size crew cab variant with regular size bed. GL revised the casting with new plastic front to look like the 2016 refresh. Interesting to note the hood is also different and judging from the thick hood line, it seems like GL had originally designed the casting to accommodate an opening hood but scrapped the plan. It is nice to see them being resourceful and turn it into a benefit to make a refreshed version.

The truck looks fine with basic single color front fascia that depicts more a workhorse than a fully loaded family hauler. But the trailer on the other hand is a bit disappointing. The way it showcase the car inside is really cool, but there’s one major design flaw. Either the wheel wells of the trailer dig too deep into the cargo area or the overall trailer is too narrow, selections of cars you can fit inside the trailer is limited. So far, I only manage to fit muscle cars both from GL and Hot Wheels. The enclosed car trailer they offer since Series 1 was perfect thanks to the wheels being outboard.


Despite the flaw, it’s still a cool H&T to have and experiment with.