It’s 20 degrees in the garage today. I threw down a couple coats of paint and got the heck out of there.


A little Murica Monday,

I love this copper

This guy will probably get turned into a roadster, so for now it’s a paint tester. I would like to thank

Camshaft Chris: Skyline Fanboy - Now with more Panther!

for showing us all the jewelers saw.


I’m putting mine to good use, chopping up this chassis to fit the Square back. I tried to attach the bumpers to the chassis the other day. It looked a little funny. So now they have been attached to the body instead.

It shouldn’t be too hard to mate that with the chassis, with my wonderful jewelers saw.


I love the paint on this bug. It was in a 5 pack of VWs at Target. The rotors and engine are getting a chrome spray. You can’t hang out on my table with brown rotors Mr. Bug.

We’re supposed to get a foot of snow tomorrow. I have a bunch of cars that need head/tail lights. That should keep me busy til the snow melts.


Quick question, How does one get the axles out of a metal chassis without bending anything? I mangled the axles on that Square back. The wheels weren’t damaged, but they’ll need new axles. Have a great Murican Monday.