Work continues on the diorama. Since the last update I’ve spackled & sanded the roads smooth. More details like patches & cracks will be added later.

I was going to do the parking lots just out of spackle, but I realized that a 1/4" of spackle was going to take a lot, and probably crack badly as it dried. So I added some 1/8" hardiboard to fill some of the vertical distance. I want to end up with the parking lots just slightly lower than the sidewalks, but higher than the street.

the weird circle is the shadow of my DSLR’s lens as I shot with the camera way too close.

The first layer of spackle is now in as well & drying. I’ll do the entrance aprons once I get the parking lots mostly done.


This has been a lot of fun so far, and is really interesting as I’m pretty much making this up on the fly.


On this section I need to make a parking lot for the transfer terminal on the right, and one for the tow yard on the left, with a small vacant lot between them. Not sure yet the best was to do the curbs between them, or the dirt lot itself. Similarly I want the junkyard to look like dirt, and have some ruts & tire tracks, but that is also still to be figured out.