Hope everyone had a great Christmas. I’m a little late on posting this second round of HAWLS (Taiwan’s time zone is roughly 13 hrs ahead). It may be a smaller catch compare to my first but there are a lot of epic stuff.

Finally, after hearing and searching for about a year, I finally got myself a UCC promotion Mercedes 300 SL Mille Miglia.

Another car that I was stoked to find is this.


For the Lambo I got at the Shilin night market it reads “Set of 9 + ??”

Looking at the back of the package it shows all the 9 cars available.



A green Veneno Roadster isn’t one of the 9 shown. So this is the “+??” in question, a possible “chase” piece?


Some assembly required.


F-Toys is extremely thoughtful by providing 2 pairs of side mirrors in case you break or lose the pieces.

I’ll get on to review these as soon as I finish the reviews from my previous HAWLS which another one will be up soon. Cheers.