I can think of a few cars that deserve the nastycast treatment... The Ford RS200 is not one of them.

Went out to visit some yard sales yesterday and today. Not much to be had, sadly (picked up a nice Lesney Dumper pic below). I really wanted some diecast comfort so we hit a junk shop out in Hinsdale NH. They usually have a bin of cars at 3 for a buck. Sometimes I find some gems there.

But, deep in the dark recesses playwear purgatory, I pulled this monstrosity from the bin. A Ford RS200 that is being publicly humiliated in every way possible. HOW DARE THEY?!!?!?

Sinfully small wheels? check

Excess casting flares that aren’t filed down? check

Casting lines chasms? check

Atrocious graphics? check

Windshield that’s uhh... I just dont have words. check.

I felt so bad for it I had to bring it home. It’s like that one dog at the kennel that’s missing half it’s teeth and one ear is mangled because it picked a fight with ten angry geese at the park (and lost). Not to mention the poor mutt has a skin condition that resulted in half of it’s body being fur-less due to allergies. But, you know what? You bring that mangy mutt home and name him FORD RS200!


My plan? I’m going to try to make this car beautiful again. Like it should be. No RS200 deserves the BIG SLEEP!* 

*Ren and Stimpy Reference there

This is going to be a fun resto-mod. New wheels, new paint, new fit and finish. Glory.



As if they couldn’t insult this Ford enough... They had the GALL to put a dead badger on the hood! What gives? What did the RS200 do to you unknown Chinese diecast company?


Got this sweet metal wheeled Lesney Dump truck for a buck. I have a red one with silver trim. This one is a cool variant.


Unbranded Chrysler 300C Hemi. Needs a suspension fix and some cleaning/new paint. But otherwise it’s in pretty good shape. I actually like the 300c alot. So, I am pretty happy to have found this.


Also in the bin was this MC Toy Penny Racer. It’s cute as all hell. Lots of playwear though. Probably a Toyota Van. I couldn’t leave it behind.


Hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend!