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Yatming 1:64 Saab Sonnet... (no no no Sonett Yatming, Sonett)

Since my folks figured out that I collect diecast cars like a crazy person, they help with my hunt to a degree. Their local recycling center has a “swap shop” and they are kind enough to snag whatever diecast cars they find there. Usually I end up with a handful of modern peg-warmer hotwheels with heavy playwear. But, in a rare twist, they found me this Yatming Saab Sonnet Sonett. Which has been on my want list for a while.

Definitely not perfect. It has all the typical issues that an old Yatming usually has. The axles fall out of alignment like crazy. Windscreen does not want to stay up. Etc etc.

Amusingly, Yatming didnt get the memo (like much the rest of the world) that Saab called this the Sonett instead of Sonnet. A common blunder, forever captured on the bottom of this diecast car. 


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