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Yatming '64 Impala SS

Unusual find at the swap meet today. Yatming 1964 Impala SS coupe. This one shows some heavy play wear, but being in a loose bin of other castings probably didn’t help much.


The black paint has some interesting pinstripes in gold, they accent the body lines nicely. The glass is pretty scratched up, though.

Bonus opening doors! I’m not sure if the “a” pillars were there to begin with, but they aren’t now. The interior also looks a little askew.


Some nice fine line detail on the grille, this pic doesn’t do it justice. From this angle, it looks like there should have been “A” pillars.


I haven’t yet decided what to do with it. Restore? Modify? Keep it as is?

Any suggestions?

Thanks for looking!

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