As I’ve gotten further into collecting various interesting Yatmings (focusing on their JDM offerings, mostly items with interesting tampos like the Gloria I posted with both Nissan and Datsun logos, a similar Z was also recently acquired) I was looking through the Yatming casting list and saw a S13 240SX was produced. Since I’m not only a Nissan fan and a bit of an insane completionist, I also previously owned a 91 S13 and a 96 S14…so I had to track this down.

They don’t pop up on ebay often, and in a few months of searching only one appeared, similar if not worse condition to the one pictured, and the auction started at a stupid price and ended at a somewhat higher stupider price. I’m comfortable occasionally overpaying for items I really want, but I had to tell myself, “It’s just a Yatming…its not worth that!’ Maybe if it was mint….but that one was far from it.

Needless to say, I was quite thrilled to run across one at a flea market last week…and to pay thirty three cents for it! So here it is, next to its Hot Wheels 180sx companion. Clearly the Yatming is entirely stock, sans the 180s’ body kit. It also appears to be the early S13, not the later (USDM 91+) I’d love to find another one and do a custom, at least a wheel swap.