Was researching Yatmings a while back, came across a photo of this Nissan Gloria model, and as an old school Nissan freak the “omgomggottahaveit” gear kicked in, and the search was on. A month or so later this one popped up, on the ePays, from the Netherlands. It cost more to ship it than it was worth, but its rare and in near perfect condition, so I snagged it. Weeks later a package arrived, and it was as nice as I hoped it would be. I’ve been finding unloved Yatmings in my childhood boxes of ravaged diecasts, mostly acquired already destroyed via garage sales with my grandmother when I was a kid. Now I have a Yatming itch and some other auctions of them en route….ah, collecting rabbitholes…at least these are cheap.

I love the Nissan AND Datsun logos on this one.

Best part is, the outer brown paper and tape of the shipping package covered one of the more creative shipping containers I’ve received yet…the Gloria was inside a VHS case for the Dutch version of Jurassic Park! Somewhat appropriate, that…unearthing extinct beasts…