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You Can Pick Out ONE Thing...One! 10/8/17

Folks from my high school put on an informal reunion every fall, usually coinciding with the varsity football homecoming game. That day was yesterday.
It occurred to me, that if I just went a couple (dozen...) miles out of the way, I could make a quick stop at a large gathering of the fleas.
The “One Thing” rule quickly went out the window, temporarily modified to “one thing from each vendor you buy from”...and then it just fell apart completely...
So...the highlight was finding a couple of Tomicas in the 2/$1 bucket:

I’d found the Lotus 78 Ford before, but this one is in better shape...and fifty cents! #60 Datsuns were out in force.

Next, is the longest version of the Knight 2000 Firebird I’ve ever seen. 3.5" in a 3" world. There’s no brand on the bottom, but the legalese is covered...

This may have had some kind of caps in the wheels that have gone missing...

It reads:
Knight 2000 TM
A Trade Mark Of
And Licensed By 1982
Universal City Studios Inc.
All Rights Reserved
Made In Macau

Forgive my crappy editing, my potato is failing fast, and I don’t care enough about it anymore to go back and do it again...

Mini Dinky Cadillac Coupe De Ville. Another large barge, this one’s almost 3.5". Something’s wonky with the hood hinges, I’m not sure how they were assembled yet, or if there’s anything I can/should do about it. Probably should just leave well enough alone. It got this far without my interfering...

That’s some mighty fine patina right they-ah...

The absolute best example of a Summer Rolls Royce I’ve ever had the pleasure to own. The Spirit of Ecstasy is intact on the grill, no marks, scratches, etc...
I was beginning to wonder if this was another re-issue, but I turned it over and found the old style Summer base, No. S692, a little oxidation on the axles,...I’m thinking this is a legit original Summer Rolls! Opinions?


And, last but not least, $2 worth of co-mold wheel donors from the 50 cents bucket (with volume discount...). I’ve never seen that red one before...any ideas on what it is?


Everybody have a great week!

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