Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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You guys rock and keep things kid-friendly..Thank you!

My son is 9, highly gifted, does extremely well in school but is cursed with very high anxiety. This place helps him relax a little when he comes home from school and gives me and him some common ground to talk about and discuss.... Especially this time of year when I’m gone quite a bit from home with basketball coaching obligations. Are there other die-cast sites? You bet’cha! But because of the community that you guys have created he has received HWEPS, ROAKS, unfair trades (he trades one car, gets four back in return) and has collected 100's of cars from you guys for our local Children’s hospital. He has written two reviews so far and is planning to write a few more this month. So just a quick thank you. Speaking of the car drive, even though I’m coaching (four games a week for the next 3 weeks), the pieced together, ad-hoc, members of the car club is planning on delivering the charity cars to the hospital the second week of December. Thanks again, everyone!

The random pic features Richard Petty and his Plymouth Barracuda NHRA car. This was after NASCAR banned the 426 engine in 1965. Kind of an interesting story even if you hate MOPAR. Kind of interesting, even if you’re infatuated with JDM’s, Porsches, and other mental issues. Photo credit:

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