When you see the letters HW and you immediately know its Hotwheels. And not Heavy Weight or Hardware or Hazardous Waste. :D

When you see a small handheld drill... and you think its the world’s greatest tool! :D

When you see a good looking car in a car show... you immediately know if there is a diecast equivalent of it that you can buy. :D

When you go to a Mall / Grocery / Drugstore alone... you almost always drop by the toy store or toy section. :D

When you’re in a history class - and you know that the country you are in does not carry all the brands of diecasts you want. :D


When you hear the toy brand “mattel”, you know that Barbie Dolls are not the only toys they produce. :D

When you see a 5 year old stepping on, bumping, pounding, and generally playing with an Auto-Art 1/18 like it was a matchbox - you cringe. :D

When you look at a diecast car - you immediately assess how much metal is in it. :D


When sometimes, the want to buy a car is greater, than the want to take someone out to a movie. :D