Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Your input needed...we'll make it worth your while.

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A few months ago, the good people of the LaLD community offered their top tips for new diecast collectors, which we assembled into a “top-ten list” post for the Model Citizen blog that would become our most widely read item ever. Well, we’re at it again, we need your help, and we’re completely willing to resort to bribery to get it.


Earlier today, a customer in the Midwest was asking for our advice on how to best display his growing collection of 1:43-scale cars while not upsetting, shall we say, the marital feng shui of his residence. I offered a couple of suggestions, but realized that my opinions on the matter were somewhat limited. Fortunately, there’s one place to turn to get a variety of ideas from a wide range of perspectives: YOU GUYS.

So, I’m looking for ideas. What sort of display system do you use to show off your collections? Why did you choose them? Where did you get them? Did you build them yourself? Please answer in the comments, and I’ll assemble your best suggestions into an upcoming Model Citizen blog post. If you want to include a photo for potential inclusion, that would be beyond awesome. As before, we’ll give due credit for your ideas.


To make it worth your while, I’m offering a FIFTEEN percent discount on ALL in-stock merchandise at Model Citizen through the end of the week to LaLD readers...even the ones who are too bashful to participate in the survey. Just enter coupon code “LALD15" at checkout. (Of course, you could also use our new, shareable Wishlist feature to encourage someone ELSE to buy your models for you!)

Thanks in advance for your expert help!

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