As many of you know I have been the curator of my adult niece’s Redline Hot Wheels collection for many, many years.

The majority of the cars are from 1967 and ‘68. Some are in very nice condition while others show play ware and natural patina.

My question is, now that I have the liquid chrome marker R32rennsport introduced us to, do I touch up some wheels or leave them alone?

The worn and patinaed cars may look odd with perfectly chromed wheels. However the cars that are only missing the chrome may benefit from a touch-up.


Seeing as this collection is not mine, I don’t want to ruin the value of the cars. Some examples have their valve covers painted red by the previous owners (my niece’s father and his brother) should I remove the red paint?


Thank you! As always, your comments and opinions are greatly appreciated! The LaLD community is the best!