Big things with little cars

Zamac Monday

In my short time as a customizer I’ve grown to love stripped cars. There isn’t any paint to hide the body lines. They either nailed it or they didn’t. Here are 3 new additions to the lot.

Still a little blue paint on it here and there, but it’s beautiful. This one won’t stay naked for long.


The unfortunately ugly HWs F40.

They dropped the ball on the rear. It’s not like anyone had to strip that Ferrari to see how badly it fit together. I’m guessing they made a 1/64 of a wrecked car.


The last one I’ve been saving. I’ve had this car for too long. Time to take it’s clothes off.


I was never a fan of the 599, but the XX seems oh so right.

And the Zamac purgatory gets bigger.

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