For my diorama, I have a crazy idea I think everyone will like/love. Now, the premise of the diorama will be a parking lot, off of a main road, where a car show takes place.

Pictured, my collection so far.

Now here's the crazy idea, let's say the show is a Cars & Coffee show, and people who visit are there to show off their cars and/or to view others cars; which would change every week, right? you see where I am going with this?

If not, I'll spell it out. The cars will not be fixed to the diorama, but will be rotated out every so often. Just like in real life!

Of course, this presents it's own problem. Since I am slightly OCD and a perfectionist, I try to plan a few steps ahead. I have mainly muscle cars in my collection, but thanks to GL (and JL if I can find then) I should be able to find DD cars roughly easily. A immediate hurdle though will be cars that look the part (painted headlights, etc); so mainly M2, Tomica, GL, JL, and AW.


Another hurdle is finding what most Americans drive; SUVs, crossovers, vans, possibly even minivans. Not too many diecast companies make molds of those type of vehicles (if you know of any, I'd love to hear them).

The car show part will be mostly muscle cars, for now. The visitor part will be more tricky because I need a variety of makes and models, styles, years, colors; to give a feeling of diversity and 'freshness' each time you look at it. Sort of like "I wondered who went to the C&C this week?", :).

So far, I have a few DD cars. The Tomicas I got in the iHWEP, and my recently purchased JL PT Cruiser.


I told you it's a crazy [awesome] idea, right? Also, this is gonna hurt my checkbook, I can feel it...